Interview with author Catherine Robertson


“In her exploration of the Kiwi male psyche,” wrote in her review of What You Wish For, Couchdiva, writer for “Robertson shows that it’s not always the strong, silent types that fare the best.” To understand more about the underlying currents of masculinity and identity The CoffeeBar Kid (aka Tim) sits down with best selling author, Catherine Robertson to pick up the conversation left hanging by playwrite Greg McGee (Foreskin’s Lament) when he asked Kiwi blokes “What Are Ya?” and where are you going?



Interview with the band My Baby

Tim Gruar continues his series about artists coming to Womad in March, this time talking to Dutch/Kiwi three piece My Baby – a group that defies the usual trappings of the music industry machinery, preferring to tour, record and produce entirely under their own steam. Nailing down their sound is a bit of a challenge.  They borrow heavily from gospel, blues, soul, voodoo-raves and 60’s psychdelica.  A recent visit to Wellington gave an opportunity to meet up and discuss the band’s origins, music and their upcoming performance at Womad.

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